My Story

Kristine RiisHer childhood tapestry was woven in the Midwest by hours of playing in the woods of Wisconsin, exploring the shores of Lake Michigan, and swimming and sailing in Lake Geneva. She collected shells, stones, and feathers for her “treasure box.”  Often these jewels were glued to ceramics, sewn into swatches, or fashioned into necklaces.

Her Danish-American heritage and close-knit family provided her a hearty foundation. Disheartened and disenchanted with her career, in her spare time she began to create jewelry from the timeless natural elements she remembered as an adventurous little girl. What began as a creative outlet, quickly turned into an obsession. To find courage to follow her artistic dream, she only needed to search her childhood backyard. Having a father, a gifted writer, and a sister, an aspiring painter, served as powerful inspiration. In 2005, she started designing jewelry full-time and hit the road with her designs.

Her creations have unexpected elements, asymmetry, and natural inspiration. Her combination of the rough and rugged with the more refined has now evolved into her recognized signature and brand. Kristine Riis’ distinctive designs incorporate unique stone combinations with undying, natural elements and are conjured, conceived, and born in her Tennessee studio.