Kind Words
  • "This isn't so much an inquiry as it is a testimonial of sorts. I bought a couple of pieces of Kristine's jewelry a few years back when she was displaying/selling her work here in Knoxville at the Rossini Festival.  The first year I bought a lovely pair of small turquoise earrings and the second year a metal and stone necklace with a heart shaped pendant.  I wore them both a lot, especially the earrings, they were one of my very special pairs I wore with just about everything.  This past September we had a break in in our house, and whoever did this was after small electronics and jewelry boxes, loose change, a way for them to make some quick money for drugs.  I had several pieces of jewelry, necklaces and earrings lying on top of my jewelry box they took along with the box itself, but as a peace offering (at least that's what I'm thinking) they laid out very nicely the Kristen's handmade necklace and took the rest.  Unfortunately they took the earrings with the rest of the other things, but I was so glad they left the necklace!  "